Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Overview of 64DD

The Nintendo 64 Disk Drive (64DD) is a magnetic disk drive accessed through a connector on the underside of the Nintendo 64 (N64). It uses a disk called the Nintendo 64 Disk (referred to as "disk" below) as a medium. Each disk has a capacity of 64.45 MB, of which 0-38.44 MB can be used as writable space. The size of the writable space can be specified in increments within this range.

Main Features

64.45 Mbyte capacity

The extra capacity allows the creation of high-capacity games that previously could not be developed using the Game Pak ROM.

Up to 38.44 MB of writable space can be reserved

This can be used for backup of course data or complex user data.

Data transfer rates of up to 1 MB per second

Course data and character data can be loaded without interrupting the flow of the game.

Internal clock IC with backup battery

The clock IC operates even with the power off, allowing the implementation of games that reflect real-time play.

Expansion RAM area

A Memory Expansion Pak (capacity 4 MB = 36 Mbit) is included with the standard 64 DD, enabling programming based on expansion of N64 memory to a total 8 MB (0x8000_0000-0x807f_ffff).

Note: For semiconductor media such as the N64 expansion pak and the memory in the N64 unit, memory capacity is expressed in terms of 1 Mbytes = 1024 Kbytes = 1024 x 1024 bytes. However, for the 64DD, which is a magnetic medium, memory capacity is expressed in accordance with the convention for such media, ie., 1 Mbytes = 1000 Kbytes = 1000 x 1000 bytes.

1.2 About this Manual

The organization of this document is as follows. Page numbers referenced in each chapter indicate the page numbers of that chapter unless otherwise mentioned.

Chapter 1 Introduction

This document.

Chapter 2 Testing the Disk Drive

This chapter describes the basic development of 64DD by outlining the process of revising polyline and onetri, sample programs used with the Game Pak ROM, to adapt them for disk operation. First-time developers for 64DD should begin with this chapter.

Chapter 3 Tools and Programs for Disk Development

Tools and programs used in Chapter 2 are described in further detail.

Chapter 4 Internal ROM

64DD uses internal mask ROM, the contents of which are briefly described in this chapter.

Chapter 5 The Development Process

The process of development, from basic development to submission of the master, is described in sequence.

Chapter 6 Disk ID

A different ID number is written to each disk. Items such as ID format are described in this chapter.

Chapter 7 Library Functions

The functions of the 64DD library libleo are described. Please skim this chapter before beginning actual programming.

Chapter 8 Reading and Setting the RTC

The internal real-time clock (RTC) is described.

Chapter 9 Accessing 64DD Internal ROM

Specific methods are described for accessing font and wave data stored in the 64DD internal ROM described in Chapter 4.

Chapter 10 Error-Handling Sequences

The included sample program ddspgame is described, and the errors that may occur with each function are explained, along with methods of handling them. For information on actual drive access, please refer to the samples and flowcharts presented in this chapter.

Chapter 11 64DD Hardware Specifications

64DD access units and formats are discussed.

Chapter 12 Summary of Pohibited Items and Points of Caution

Prohibited items and those requiring caution in game implementation are summarized. Please be sure to read this chapter and heed the cautionary notes presented.

Chapter 13 Revision History

The history of changes from previous 64DD versions is summarized.

Important Directories

This chapter discusses the directories in which information on wave and format data is collected.

Chapter 15 Special Startup Methods

Describes the types of special startups used. The startup method currently described in this chapter is rebooting.

APPENDIX A Drive Internal Wave Data

APPENDIX B Drive Internal Font Data

Information is presented on wave and font data stored in the drive. Please examine this information together with that in Chapter 4: 64DD Internal Rom.

APPENDIX C List of Error Messages on 64DD User's Manual

List of Error Message on 64DD User's Manual

APPENDIX D Description of Leowrite Command

Leowrite is a PARTNER command which is used for writing to the N64Disk Drive. Appendix D describes the operation and arguments of leowrite.