Chapter 10 Error-Handling Sequences

This chapter describes errors that can occur when the various 64DD functions are applied and how best to handle these errors.

10.1 Sample Program ddspgame
10.1.1 Procedure for Using the hdd.h Module
10.1.2 Definitions of the Terminology Used in this Chapter
10.1.3 Overall Structure
10.1.4 Description of the Main Modules
10.1.5 Using the hdd.h Module
10.1.6 Disk Thread Internal Wait
10.1.7 Rendering Error Messages
10.1.8 RAM Area Reads
10.1.9 Supplement 1: The Disk Thread Error Handling Procedure
10.1.10 Supplement 2: Interrupting Processing
10.1.11 Font Display and Related Items

10.2 Error-Handling Sequences