Chapter 14 Important Directories

The following directories are included in /usr/src/PR/assets with the NW version of 64DD and in ultra\usr\src\PR\assets with the PC version.

1. ddsound

The following files and directories are included in this directory.

Aifc A directory containing 32 KHz ADPCM-compressed .aifc files.
Aifc16 A directory containing 16 KHz ADPCM-compressed .aifc files.
romimage.snd The audio portion of DDROM. Stored beginning at the offset address of 0x0014_0000 from the start of DDROM.
romsound.exinfo A table that matches .aifc file names with offset addresses in DDROM.
romsound.infos.txt A description of the sound data stored in DDROM.

2. ddfonts

Font data stored as RGB image data.