N64 Software Specification Sheet Instructions

To ensure accurate information and reduce delays in processing your software submission, we now provide the N64 Software Specification Sheet as a PDF form. Complete and print this form, then include a copy of it with your software submission.

Instructions for Nintendo 64 Software Specification Sheet
The following paragraphs are intended to aid the licensee in completion of the Nintendo 64 Software Specification Sheet.

Game Title Registration

Write the contents registered in the indicated addresses of the Master ROM. Enter ASCII characters in the boxes above the dashed lines. Enter the 2-digit Character Code for each ASCII character below the dashed line. Please refer to the "Character Code List for Game Registration" for appropriate Character Codes.

Please also indicate the mask ROM version, entering the Version Number (0,1,2,3) in the upper box and its Character Code (00, 01, 02, 03) in the lower box.

Please refer to the "ROM Data Specification" for more information concerning ROM Registration.

Program Contents

Enter whether or not a Controller Pak is used. If a Controller Pak is used, indicate the number of Notes, the number of Pages, and the note name(s). The note name(s) should be related to the game title. List the Game Code and company code included in the Game Note.

Indicate the MakeMask software version number. The first MakeMask version is 2.02.

Indicate the version of the N64 Library Files and Debugger software used to create the program.

Memory Configuration

Enter the ROM size.

Back-up Memory:

If battery back-up is used within the Game Pak instead of using a Controller Pak, indicate the device used and its size.

EEPROM: 4 Kbit, 16Kbit
SRAM: 256 Kbit

Game Boy Software for use with the N64 Transfer PakTM

If the N64 Transfer Pak is used, please enter the name of the game company, the name of the software, and the product code. Please indicate whether the program allows the user to write to the N64 Transfer Pak.

ROM Version

Disk File Name, CRC

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