What's New in Version 5.2?

September 1, 2000 changes (ver5.1 - ver5.2)

The latest additions are marked as , and revisions as .

The Q & A manual was expanded and revised.

There are several new os functions in the Function Reference.

There has been a new chapter added to the Programming Manual for Flash ROM.

There is also a new issue of Developer News regarding the 16K EEPROM.

The new Software Destination Declaration/Checklist has replaced the "N64 Software Submission Checklist". The SDD/Checklist must be submitted with all software submissions to NOA.

If you are preparing a Gateway 64 submission, please refer to the Nintendo Gateway 64 System Technical and Promotional Material Requirements for new contact information and updated references to technical information.

February 10, 2000 changes (ver5.0 - ver5.1)

The Q & A manual was expanded and revised.

A few Programming Cautions were added and revised.

The Software Submission Requirements were updated. A new Software Specifications Sheet has been added which allows the user to type submissions data into the form using Acrobat Reader. The Self-Evaluation check list has been expanded to include N64 Transfer Pak.

Please note that the N64 accessory previously called N64 Game Boy Pak (GB Pak) has been renamed to "N64 Transfer Pak".

August 4, 1999 changes (ver4.2 - ver5.0)

The N64 Tutorial Manual was released. It provides explanations, in greater detail than the "Introduction to N64", of the information needed for the development of applications.

Some functions changed and new functions were added to NuSystem.

A reference for the osThread function was added to the Function Manual.

Chapter 29, "Video Interface (VI)" was added to the Programming Manual.

A reference for the NVF Library Functions was added to the NIFF section.

Four new items were added to NIFF Sample Data. New samples were also added to NuSystem and OS Samples

The Header files were updated for OS2.0K.

Submission Requirements were updated.

June 15, 1999 changes (ver4.1 to ver4.2)

A number of functions changed and new functions were added to NuSystem.

Programming Cautions was updated.

The new N64 Tutorial Manual bridges the gap between the Programming Manual and the Kantan Manual.

The Standard Function Reference was updated in accordance with the update to ver1.2 of the standard function library.

The format of the Function Manual was improved for easier reading (the contents remain the same), and the section on os functions was edited.

The section entitled "Pre-submission check" discusses items not on time just prior to submission, so the name of the section was changed to "Other important items".

April 13, 1999 changes (ver4.0 to ver4.1)

Developer News was reorganized and unnecessary information removed.

The Destination Code for NTSC and PAL Games Programming Caution was revised.

The contents of the gu Man Pages were revised.

The NuSystem document Inside NuSystem was updated to version 2.01.

February 1, 1999 changes (ver3.0 to 4.0)

The Development Tools Guide was updated.

Documentation was added regarding the Voice Recognition System. (Programming Manual/Functions)

Developer News 1.9 and Developer News 2.0 were added.

Chapter 15 "Special Start-up Methods" were added to the 64DD Programming Manual. Chapters 4,5,6,7,9,10, and 14 of the 64DD Programming Manual were updated.

A DDTools manual was added to the 64DD Main Page.

Chapter 26 of the N64 Programming Manual was revised a great deal.

The Function Reference Manual menus were reorganized.

The content regarding osVi, gDP, and gSP in the Function Reference Manual was updated.

A new category, Other Functions, was added to the os standard functions in the Function Reference Manual.

The header files were upgraded to OS2.0J. They can now be referenced from the Function Reference Manual.

The various Application Samples included with the Developers Kit were compiled together.

July 15, 1998 changes (ver2.*0 to 3.0)

Master Manual for Mobile Type1/Type2 was created.

The contents of the Function Reference Manual were updated.

NIFF and NuSystem documentation was added or corrected.

New Sample Catalog was added.

Q&A was added or corrected.

New products were added to the Development Tools Guide.

New ROM Pre-Submission Checklist was added and registered in the menu.

Documentation related to 64GB Pak was added to (Programming Manual/Functions).

64DD Main Page menu was added.

Kantan Manual Step4 - "What is 64DD?" was added.

F3DEX2 Series was added to Microcode.

December 24, 1997 changes (ver1.0 - 2.*0)

Corrected typos, omissions and other errors.

Discarded Version Information and incorporated it into What's New.

Function Reference Manual index is easier to read.

Coordinated contents of Function Reference Manual included functions for S2DEX microcode.

Added and corrected Q&A.

Added new products to the Development Tools Guide.

Changed Chapter 26 Controller Pak in the Programming Manual to Chapter 26 SI Devices.

Added Chapter 28 n_audio Library to the Programming Manual.

Added or corrected documentation for NIFF and NuSystem.

Added documentation for N64_JPEG Library (beta 1 version).

Excerpted various Header Files from /usr/include/PR/.

Added 64DD related documentation (Programming Manual, Function Reference Manual).