Keywords - N64 Disk Drive

One-half of one of the several concentric recording areas on the disk surface. N64 Disk Drive accesses the disk with a block as the minimum unit.

EPI functions
The abbreviation for Enhanced PI. Functions that can be used to specify the devices to access new devices such as N64 Disk Drive as well as conventional cartriages.

head0, head1
N64 Disk Drive accesses both surfaces of the disk, with the front surface being head 0 and the rear surface being head 1.

Boot program for N64 Disk Drive disk in the mask ROM inside N64 Disk Drive.

Acronyms of Logical Block Address. Serial numbers used for N64 Disk Drive to access the blocks on disk.

leo manager
Device drivers for N64 Disk Drive that need to be launched before executing any N64 Disk Drive functions. Consists of two leo manager threads: command thread and interupt thead.

The unit of data used for transmission. Data divided into specific length with destination information added.

This issues a recalibrate command (initializes the various settings in the internal register, and moves the head to LBA0) to the drive.

Acronyms of Real Time Clock. A built-in real time clock for N64 Disk Drive with back-up batteries.

Series of operation sequence described in text format.

One of several concentric recording areas on the disk surface.

In order to accommodate increased density, N64 Disk Drive has a format which makes it as large as the external memory capacity. Thus, the system is formatted divided into groups called zones whose outer-most perimeter is 19,720 bytes, whose inner-most perimeter is 9,520 bytes, and whose size does not change continuously, so that the same block size is in the same zone. It is divided into 8 zones.

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