asccode asccode (tool command)

Obtains the character information data


asccode (filename)


asccode gets the character information data about an ASCII character. This character information data comprises the DDROM storage address and the character width, height and alignment, all compressed into 32 bits of data for use by the LeoGetAAdr2function.

Specify a file name of a text file in the following format for the asccode argument.

0,Super Mario 64 
5,Wave Race 64 
11,Mario Kart 64

The values 0, 5, and 11 each express a different font number (font#). To learn more about font# values, see Chapter 9.1.2 of the N64 Disk Drive Programming Manual. For example, if the file name is "string", then typing the following on the command line:

% asccode string

results in the creation of a file named string.c that contains the following array of character information data.

unsigned string0[]={ 
unsigned string1[]={ 
unsigned string2[]={ 

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