calcncc calcncc (tool command)

Calculates the NCC (Nintendo Check Code)


calcncc calcncc [master file name]


Calculates the NCC (Nintendo Check Code) from the N64 Disk Drive master data file. The NCC is a six-digit decimal code used to verify that the data has been received correctly when the master data is submitted. The NCC is calculated separately for the ROM area and the RAM area.

calcncc [master file name] will calculate the NCC for the specified file. The default, if no file name is specified, is calculation of the NCC for master.d64 (the master data file created by n64mdisk).

When executed, calcncc performs a simple check to see whether or not the specified master data file is really the correct master data file. (If no file name is specified, the default is master.d64 as mentioned above.) If the check results in failure, the following message is displayed and execution is terminated:

******** This is not a master data!! **********

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