LeoInquiry LeoInquiry (function)

Checks the version number of the N64 Disk Drive hardware and software


#include <PR/leo.h>     /* leo.h */

s32 LeoInquiry(LEOVersion *version);

typedef struct
   u8 drive;
   u8 driver;
   u8 deviceType;
   u8 ndevices;
} LEOVersion;


It checks the version of the N64 Disk Drive hardware and software. The hardware (drive) version is stored in version->drive while the software (device driver) version is stored in version->driver. For specifics on these values, see "7.3.3 Checking the version numbers of hardware and software" of the N64 Disk Drive Programming Manual.

The version->deviceType element is fixed at 0 for device type, and version->ndevices is fixed at 1 for the connected device number.

One of the following is returned. A check is usually not necessary.


Leo Manager is not running.


Normal termination.

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