LeoReset LeoReset (function)

Is a dedicated preNMI process function


#include <PR/ leo.h> void LeoReset(void);


Stops execution of subsequent leo manager commands and clears the command queue. This function also stops the issuance of any subsequent commands to the leo manager.

LEO_ERROR_WAITING_NMI is sent as the error code for the interrupted command and the cleared commands as well for any commands issued after the execution of LeoReset.

Note: Make sure to call this function if a preNMI is detected. Following the execution of this function none of the asynchronous functions that are issued will be executed.

This function has been created specifically for preNMI. Please do not use it for any other purpose.

See Also

Leo*CreateLeoManager, LeoClearQueue

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01/21/99 Added description
04/30/99 Changed Format