LeoResetClear LeoResetClear (function)

Cancels the N64 Disk Drive reset state


#include <PR/leo.h>     /* leo.h */

void LeoResetClear(void);


It cancels the N64 Disk Drive reset state. For a Game Pak-startup game, the "reset state" is entered immediately after Leo Manager starts up, and a LEO_ERROR_POWERONRESET_DEVICERESET_OCCURED error arises no matter which function is called. Use this function to cancel the reset state.

Note: You should use this function for a Game Pak-startup game only, and use it directly after Leo Manager has started up. If the LEO_ERROR_POWERONRESET_DEVICERESET_OCCURED error arises at any other time, do not try to deal with the error by using this function to cancel the reset state.

For more information, please see the error handling sequence for the Game Pak-startup game in "Chapter 10: Error-Handling Sequence" in the N64 Disk Drive Programming Manual.

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