alSeqpDelete (function)

alSeqpDelete, n_alSeqpDelete

Deallocates a MIDI sequence player


#include <libaudio.h>     /* libaudio.h */
void alSeqpDelete(    ALSeqPlayer *seqp);
#include <n_libaudio.h>     /* n_libaudio.h */
void n_alSeqpDelete(N_ALSeqPlayer *seqp);


Pointer to the sequence player structure to be deleted


alSeqpDelete removes the sequence driver out of the synthesis driver. You must first call the alSeqpStop function to make sure that there are no playing voices. Note that alSeqpDelete does not free any memory.

For details on n_audio library, see "Chapter 28: n_audio library" in the N64 Programming Manual.

See Also

alSeqpNew, alSeqpStop, and alSeqPlayer

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