alSynRemovePlayer alSynRemovePlayer (function)

alSynRemovePlayer, n_alSynRemovePlayer

Removes a player from the synthesizer driver


#include <libaudio.h>     /* libaudio.h */

void alSynRemovePlayer(ALSynth *drvr, ALPlayer *client);
#include <n_libaudio.h>     /* n_libaudio.h */
void n_alSynRemovePlayer(             ALPlayer *client);


Pointer to the synthesizer driver

Pointer to the client to be removed


alSynRemovePlayer removes a player from the list of synthesizer driver clients. Note that all voices should previously have been stopped by using alSynStopVoice and freed by using alSynFreeVoice. Do not call this function from within an ALVoiceHandler. Also, ensure that alSynRemovePlayer isn't called when alAudioFrame might be in the process of execution from another thread.

For details on n_audio library, see "Chapter 28: n_audio library" in the N64 Programming Manual.

See Also

alSynAddPlayer, alSynStopVoice, and alSynFreeVoice

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