void MusFxBankSetPtrBank(void *ifxbank, void *ipbank);


the address of an initialized sound effect bank
the address of an initialized sample bank


It sets the sample bank override associated with the specified sound effect bank. If the sample bank override is set to NULL, it won't use override.

The default sound effect bank is used when the MusStartEffect() or the MusStartEffect2() function is used to start sound effects, if no sound effect bank override has been defined. If a sample bank override has been specified with the MusFxBankSetPtrBank() function for the effect bank to which the triggering sound effect belongs, then the MusFxBankSetPtrBank() will be used, unless a higher priority override has been defined using the MusPtrBankSetSingle() function.

The ifxbank must contain the address of a sound effect bank initialized with the MusFxBankInitialize() function.

The ipbank must be the address of a sample pointer bank file that has been initialized with the MusPtrBankInitialize() function.

Return Value



void GameSongSetFxBank(musHandle song_handle, void *fx_bank)
  void *ptr_bank;

  ptr_bank = MusHandleGetPtrBank(song_handle);
  MusFxBankSetPtrBank(fx_bank, ptr_bank);

See Also

MusFxBankInitialize(), MusPtrBankInitialize(), MusStartEffect(), MusStartEffect2()