osGetCount osGetCount (function)


Returns CPU count register


#include <ultra64.h>     /* ultra64.h */
u32 osGetCount(void);


The osGetCount routine returns the value of the MIPS R4300 count register, which is incremented at half the speed of the CPU clock. Since this counter increments at 46.875 MHz, 1 cycle represents around 21.33 nanoseconds. When the counter reaches its maximum value it returns to zero and continues to increment. The counter has a length of 32 bits, so it will repeat approximately every 92 seconds. Macros like OS_CYCLES_TO_NSEC are available for converting between the counter and time units of nanoseconds or microseconds.

The counter value may be used as a pseudo-random number generator or for short-duration timing purposes.

See Also

OS_CYCLES_TO_NSEC, osTvType, and osGetTime

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1999/06/15 Completely rewritten