osLogEvent osLogEvent (function)

osCreateLog, osLogEvent, osFlushLog

Functions as a logging utility


#include <ultra64.h>     /* ultra64.h */
void osCreateLog(OSLog *log, u32 *base, s32 len);
void osLogEvent(OSLog *log, s16 code, s16 numArgs, ....);
void osFlushLog(OSLog *log);


The osLogEvent routine adds an entry to the given log. The log entry begins with a 16-bit code, followed by an additional argument count (numArgs), and finally the additional arguments themselves. There may be no more than OS_LOG_MAX_ARGS, or 16, additional arguments. The arguments are limited to 32-bit quantities, and may not be address pointers, including character strings.

See Also

osCreateLog, osFlushLog, and gload

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