osPfsSetLabel osPfsSetLabel (function)

Writes to the Controller Pak label


#include <ultra64.h>        /* os.h */
s32 osPfsSetLabel(OSPfs *pfs,  u8 *label);


A 32-byte label area is provided in the Controller Pak. The function osPfsSetLabel writes this label. As of December 1998, the specifications for the label have not been defined. Thus, this function should not yet be used.

The osPfsSetLabel writes data specified by label to the label area.

The OSPfs structure pfs is a file handle initialized by a call to osPfsInitPak. For information concerning the creation of this handle, see osPfsInitPak.

If this function is called successfully, 0 is returned. If an error occurs, one of the following error codes is returned:

Either the Controller Pak is not inserted into the specified Controller or the Controller is not properly connected. To determine which is the case, use osContStartQuery or osContGetQuery.

A different Controller Pak has been inserted. To use the inserted Controller Pak, initialize it by calling osPfsInitPak.

Data transfer to or from the Controller has failed. If a transfer error occurs, up to three tries will be done internally. Therefore, it is rather rare to see this error. If this error has returned, it is possible that either the Controller is not connected properly, or the Controller Pak or Controller Socket is damaged.

See Also

osContInit, osContStartQuery, osContGetQuery, osPfsChecker, osPfsGetLabel, osPfsInitPak, and osPfsIsPlug

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1999/04/30 Changed format