osStartThread osStartThread (function)

Starts/resumes a thread


#include <ultra64.h>     /* ultra64.h */
void osStartThread(OSThread *t);


The osStartThread function makes a thread created by osCreateThread runnable for the first time, or it resumes a thread previously suspended by osStopThread. In the former case, osStartThread enqueues the given thread t onto the run queue. In the latter case, osStartThread reinserts the given thread back onto the queue it was on when osStopThread was called. In either case, if the thread is made runnable and if the thread has a higher priority than the invoking thread, the currently running thread immediately yields the CPU to the started thread.

See osStopThread for a discussion of the side effects of this implementation.

See Also
osCreateThread, osGetThreadId, osGetThreadPri, osStopThread, and osYieldThread

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