spDraw (function)

Generates the display list that draws the sprite on the screen.


#include <sp.h> /* sp.h */
void spDraw(Sprite *sp)


Pointer to the sprite


This function constructs a display list starting at sp->next_dl that draws the sprite upon call into the frame buffer in the indicated way.

This display list is always terminated with a gSPEndDispalyList entry. If it reaches the end of the list, the sp->next_dl entry will be updated to point to the next entry.

The pointer to the start of this display list is returned.

At most, sp->ndisplist of display list entries are generated.

Set G_IM_SIZ_DD instead of G_IM_SIZ_4b for sp->bmsiz when using 64DD built-in font.


A source for the spDraw function is located in /usr/src/PR/libultra/sp for your reference.

See Also


Chapter on Sprite in N64 Programming Manual

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