dlprint (tool command)

Displays display lists


dlprint [-s servrmode]


dlprint formats and prints graphics display lists and audio command lists in a human readable form to the standard output device (normally console screen). Graphics display lists are either for the RSP, (of type GBI) or for the RDP (of type RDP). Usually it prints one display list and then quits. Alternatively, it can be run in servermode, where it will continue running indefinitely. You should start it on the host Indy before the game application makes a call to guParseGbiDL, guParseRdpDL, and or alParseAbiCL. The format of the printing needs to be specified by flag argument when calling guParseGbiDL and guParseRdpDLfrom the application.

Command line options

-s servrmode
It starts with server mode. Normally, dlprint displays one single display list and finishes the process. However, this option results with a independently working print server.

See Also

guParseGbiDL, guParseRdpDL, and alParseAbiCL

Revision History

1999/04/30 Changed Format