midiDmon (tool command)

Functions as a Midi Receiving Daemon for Nintendo 64 audio


midiDmon [-v] -b <BankFile>


This tool is not supported in Ver2.0f or later.

Midi Daemon is used to play midi on the Nintendo 64 in real time. The Midi Daemon requires that you specify the name of a bank file to load. You specify this name without any extensions. The bank should already have been built by using the ic tool, and the files must have .ctl, .tbl, and .sym extensions.

Use the -b argument to specify the bank file.

Midi Daemon also has a -v flag for verbose operation.

The following is an example of a typical command line to start the Midi Daemon:


midiDmon -b ../banks/GenMidiBank 

When the Midi Daemon is ready to begin receiving midi, it will play a single note, of middle C, on the first instrument in the bank that was loaded. This is your cue that all is well.

Command Line Options

Turns on verbose mode. This is mainly useful for verifying that midi is correctly set up.

-b <BankName>
Specifies a set of bank files to be used. No extension should be given.

Revision History

1999/04/30 Changed Format