playraw (tool command)

Functions as the N64 tool that plays raw sample files on the SGI Indy audio hardware


playraw [-h] [-s] [-f rate] <infile


playraw takes a file from standard input and plays it on the Indy audio hardware under the assumption that the file represents raw 16-bit mono or stereo audio samples. For stereo files it expects the input to be interleaved as L/R samples. The output from vadpcm_dec can be piped directly to this tool for listening to ADPCM compressed files.

Command Line Options

Displays usage information.

Assumes the input is L/R interleaved stereo samples.

-f <value>
Specifies the sample rate for playback. The default value is 44100 Hz.

Data in .aifc format is decoded by the vadpcm_dec tool to give the resulting raw data to infile.

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Revision History

1999/04/30 Changed Format