n64prev Revision History

Version Date Description
1.3.8 7/19/1999
  • Deleted #include for cruise.c, tbmove.c.
    (because sqrtf is also defined in gu.h)
1.3.6 11/25/1998
  • Corresponded to texture coordinate animations.
1.3.5 10/19/1998
  • Set the DITHER_FILTER_ON as the initial-value by the video mode.
1.3.4 10/9/1998
  • The error in the description of the spec file regarding the F3DEX2 was fixed.
1.3.3 9/30/1998
  • Support of camera animation.
1.3.2 8/25/1998
  • Support for Quick Preview
  • Added code to mode.c to get around the problems with osViSetSpecialFeatures()in gultra_d
  • Improved the fail safe of ndres.c.
  • Corrected the warnings that appear in ndman.c.
  • Changed the type of NDR_OBJ member *child to s16.
1.3.0 7/15/1998
  • Added menu-driven operations, greatly changing the method of operation.
  • Background color can now be set.
  • Scale can now be adjusted in Trackball mode.
  • It is now possible to use the pad to move objects and light sources, even when outside of the camera range.
  • Animation control now includes frame-by-frame motion and backwards play in addition to play and stop.
  • It is now possible to set GAMMA, GAMMA DITHER, DIVOT and DITHER FILTER.
  • The F3DEX2 micro code is now supported. (NuSYS must be compiled for use with F3DEX2. The GBI macro definition in Makefile in the n64prev directory must be changed for F3DEX2.)
  • The position of the performance bar was raised a bit.
  • Always makes an entry into scene now.
  • Currently, PREVIEW_TYPE is not seen.
  • The maximum number of objects was significantly increased.
1.2.6 3/23/1998 Registered in BBS and NTSC-ONLINE.
  • Vertex animation is now possible.
  • With the change in Trackball View controller operations, it is now possible to toggle between executing and stopping the animation.
1.1.0 12/24/1997 Second release of the Developer's Kit.
1.00 10/9/1997 First release of the Developer's Kit.