Operating the n64prev Previewer

Common Methods of Operation

Two methods are used to operate the Previewer

1. Track Ball

The displayed object is projected inside a virtual trackball so that by rotating the trackball the object can be rotated, enabling it to be viewed from any angle.

  • The Control Stick and Z Button are used to emulate the manipulation of a track ball. Pulling the Z Button is like touching the track ball. If the Control Stick is manipulated at the same time the Z Button is pulled, the model will rotate.
  • Holding down the Control Stick while letting go of the Z Button enables the model to continue to rotate.
  • Moving the Control Stick up or down while pushing the R Button increases or decreases the distance from the camera to the model.
  • The four C Buttons are used for X, Y parallel movement of the model. Please use caution due to the accelerated motion.
  • Use the four C Buttons while pushing the R Button to fine-tune the displayed position.
  • Pull down the Control Stick while pushing the L Button to adjust X, L scaling.
  • Pull down the Control Stick while pushing both the L and R Buttons to adjust Z scaling.

    2. Helicopter Cruise

    The camera can travel around the perimeter of the object and look around as if in a virtual helicopter.

  • The Control Stick works like a joystick to control direction. Tilt the stick horizontally to change direction in the XZ plane. This also has some effect on camera angle.
  • The amount of vertical tilt moves the camera direction in a range between the zenith and directly below.

  • Use the L and R Buttons to respectively move toward and retreat from the camera direction.
  • Use the Control Pad Up and Down Buttons to respectively shift gears up and down. There are a total of six speeds, and movement begins in third speed.
  • Use the C Buttons for vertical climb/descent relative to camera direction, or for left/right parallel movement. You can switch between these two methods of operation by using the Previewer menus.

    Manipulating the n64prev Previewer Menus

    In the n64prev Previewer's initial state, the menus are not displayed. To display the Main Menu, press the START Button. The selected item is displayed in red. Other items are displayed in white.

    The Main Menu contains the following items: [OBJECT Menu]

    When the OBJECT item is selected, the OBJECT Menu is displayed. The OBJECT Menu contains the following items.

    [CAMERA Menu] [CONTROL Menu] [LIGHT Menu] [FOG Menu] [BG COLOR Menu] [ANIMATION Menu] [VIDEO Menu]