6. Revision History

Version Date Changes
1.06 1999/7/19
Added rounding to coordinate value conversion of float -> short
To prevent duplication of chunk name, added a numerical suffix to chunks with same name
1.05 1999/5/20
Fixed a problem that would occur during skeleton conversion, when another skeleton is connected under effector
1.04 1999/4/12
Corresponded to change of NVF format
Output title of divided texture by margining
Fixed the problem where the key for the last frame wasn't output in ShapeAnimation of Frame
Modified texture converter for CI4 and IA4
Modified Texture Animation for CI
Reduced the burden of sorting
1.03 1999/3/2
Modified the output of normal for flat shading of envelope.
Deleted data which weight is less than 1% in envelope.
Re-used vertex cache of envelope.
Compatible with texture animation CI.
Added an option about frame rate ( -frate_30, -frate_org ).
1.02 1999/1/20
Modified the reference to effector

1.01 1999/1/14
Texture convert is partially modified.

1.00 1999/1/11
First release