Revision History


The current version of NIFF Editor is not the final version. Development will be ongoing in order to expand the functions of the system even further. The User's manual and this Revision History page will be updated each time the software version is updated, providing the user smooth access to the new functions. New versions of the software will continue to be released in order to provide the user with essential functions and a user-friendly environment. Please review this Revision History page every time a new version is released.

The following Revision History describes the new functions and software fixes up to the time of the current release of NIFF Editor.

Version Date Changes
2.00.6 1999/4/26 Changed the [Online Support] address under NIFF Editor's [Help] menu (English Version) to
2.00.5 1999/3/25 Fixed a problem where NIFF file with node size 0 couldn't be read.
2.00.4 1999/3/6 When NIFF file that uses the color index texture is read, the warning "Linked node cannot be found. Continue to read?" is displayed. It was fixe
2.00.3 1999/2/16 The tag check for a cluster node was wrong. It was fixed.
2.00.2 1999/2/12 On the "Introduction" page of HELP, even when [PREVIOUS] button is hit it did not go back to the previous page. It was fixe
2.00.1 1999/1/28 The function to display Property by double-clicking the left mouse button while Alt key is presssed down was added.
The set value was not properly reflected in [Render] tag and [Render for fog] tag of [Property of Object node]. It was fixed.
If tried to delete a shape node that links with Envlope node which contains EnvelopeTri in the Envlope, or change the link, an application error occurred. It was fixed.
Changed so that when unchecking the check box in [Frame buffer] tag and [Z buffer] tag of [Environment node property], [Group] tag [Priority] tag of [Object node property], and [Loop] tag of [Animation node property], values in that condition are saved forcibly.
2.00.0 1999/1/20 NIFF 2.0i
Displays Chain Root, Joint and Effector nodes
Changed properties of Object, Shape, Material and Texture nodes.
Triangle and Collision nodes are not displayed, same as in the SGI version.
Faster NIFF file loading.
Current node names are displayed on a board, making it easier to identify identical nodes.
Added Convert 2 and Preview 2 to the [Tools[ menu and toolbar (for using niff2nvf Converter and nvfview Previewer).
Changed so that makemask is not executed when Preview is done with the makemask portion deleted from niffprev.bat, same as in Quick Previewer.
Added a scroll function when dragging.
Changed so that the Tree View on the left side of the screen is redrawn and the focus moves to the scene node as node names and the priority of various nodes are changed.
1.35.0 1998/10/19 Corrected a problem with the texture animation process, where a NIFF file could not be read.
1.32.2 1998/9/9 Replaced the [Preview] tab with [Quick Preview] under the [Option] selection for the English version of NIFF Editor.
1.32.1 1998/9/7 Corrected a problem with the exception error occurring when Quick Preview is used with multiple start up, but not with the the original start up.
When Quick Preview is used continuously, IS_VIEWER64 is no longer recognized. The problem was corrected so that the NIFF Editor processing is delayed until the Quick Preview process is completed. NIFF Editor cannot be controlled until a file is completely sent to IS-VIEWER64 (which takes only a few seconds.)
Fixed the error on how to exit, from the [STARTING AND EXITING] Help file.
1.32 1998/8/28 Support for Quick Preview
Divided installer into NIFF Editor and N64 Previewer, and enabled specification of the install directory for each.
Checks for the presence of a file when a new file is opened.
1.31 1998/7/16 Implemented convkit version 1.3.1. NIFF Editor does not differ from ver. 1.30B except in version number.
1.30B 1998/7/3 Corrected a problem that caused mat_color_type0, mat_color_type1 mat_alpha_type0, and mat_alpha_type1 to be checked despite MAT_CC_NIFF_NONE, when the [Use NIFF color combiner] box was checked in the [Type] tag, in the [Material Node Properties] dialog. Also corrected a problem where MAT_CC_NIFF_NONE was not set when all the items were unchecked.
Corrected a problem where MAT_CC_NIFF_NONE was not set when the [Use NINTENDO64 color combiner] box was checked in the [Type] tag in the [Material Node Properties] dialog, when "None" was set for the color combiner.
1.30A 1998/7/2 Fixed a problem which caused the system to reference local_light_index link destinations when MAT_SHADE_LIGHT_LOCAL was set in mat_shade_type in the Mat node.
Changed the software so that when a NIFF file with a wrong Name area size is read, the size is automatically recalculated without first displaying a warning message and prompting whether it is OK to recalculate. The warning message has also been deleted from the manual.
Changed the software so that when a link cannot be found, an error message is displayed and the read process continues. Prior to this change, when a link could not be found, it was treated as an error and the read process was interrupted.
1.30 1998/6/30 Implemented niffkit version 1.3.0
1.23 1998/6/29 Corrected a problem so that a Part node is now correctly pasted into a Shape node.
Added help for the Collision node.
Since the list displays (located in the left-side pane of NIFF Editor and in the [LOD] tab of the [LOD Node Properties] dialog) cannot be sorted, the column headers of these lists now cannot be clicked.
The position of the tool bar can now be saved.
When clicking Browse in the [Options] dialog box, the [Open File] dialog now displays the files in the directory that was specified in the [Option] dialog.
1.22 1998/4/1 Corrected inability to save NIFF files containing Collision data.
Help is now displayed using the F1 key. Prior to this change, selecting F1 resulted in a Windows Help error being displayed.
1.21 1998/3/17 Added a FAQ to Help
Established an online support address for the English version of NIFF Editor.
Added a Light Type tab to the Light Node Properties dialog.
Added tabs for Animation Type and Frame Rate to the Animation Node Properties dialog.
Corrected a problem so that when a node is deleted the child nodes can be deleted.
1.20 1998/3/10 Added support for Cut & Paste, and Drag & Drop of nodes between NIFF Editors.
Object node LOD levels are now displayed under the LOD node and LOD values can be edited.
Unlinked nodes are displayed under Free Nodes.
Same child nodes cannot link to parent node.
When a NIFF file with an incorrect Name area size is read, a warning message is displayed asking whether the size should be recalculated.
Corrected a problem that prevented a right-click selection of nodes other than the currently selected node in Tree View.
Corrected a problem that caused an error to occur when attempting to read a nonexistent file, and an exception error to occur when an second attempt was made.
When a read failure occurs for a NIFF file, a new file document is prepared, but no redrawing is performed at that time.
An error is displayed when a NIFF file is read but a linked node does not exist.
Implemented convkit version 1.2.6.
1.11 1997/12/25 Changed icons. However, large icons are just small icons enlarged. These will be changed later.
Added Convert and Preview buttons to the Tool Bar.
Corrected a problem of information protruding past the desktop when Maximized.
1.10 1997/12/19 Corrected a problem so that when Object node links are changed, the new node index is stored in obj_parent_link of the CObj area.
Corrected a problem that allowed Property selection even when nothing is displayed in the right-side window.
Removed IS-VIEWER64 NLOAD.EXE, (used when previewing) from the Setup file and changed NIFFPREV.BAT so that it references the NLOAD.EXE already set in the user's environment.
Updated Help
Changed Menu characters.
Added support for [Change Node Name] in the Pop-Up Menu.
Implemented convkit version 1.1.0
1.05 1997/12/8 Added support for the Properties [Help] button.
Added a Set Loop Number item to the Animation Node Properties dialog.
NIFF Editor now starts when a file with the .nif extension is double-clicked in Explorer.
NIFF Editor now starts when a file with the .nif extension is double-clicked in Explorer.
1.04 1997/12/1 Added a function to check size of each node when a NIFF file is read.
Corrected a problem that caused a window to be displayed in the default size at startup, but resized every time after that.
Added functions to save and restore to the location of the divider bar and the List View style.
Added Help. Cannot be used for Properties help and situation-dependent help.
Added Environment Node, Camera Node and Light Node properties. Also changed the messages for some of the other properties.
Corrected a problem that caused the incorrect display of Material primitive colors and other "float" type data.
Corrected a problem so that input numeric values are now accurately reflected in the Property data.
Implemented convkit version 1.0.4
1.03 1997/11/18 Corrected a problem so that Highlight and Reflect can now be deleted together in the Material property settings.
Implemented convkit version 1.0.4
1.02 1997/11/17 Changed the Preview's work file settings dialog.
Corrected a problem that caused the program to crash when something from some other Drag & Drop application was dropped into NIFF Editor.
The NIFF file's update status is displayed in the Status Bar.
A message box is displayed when a NIFF file is updated and when the [New], [Save], and [Save As] commands are executed from the [File] menu.
A message box is displayed when a NIFF file is updated and when the New, Save, and Save As commands are executed from the File menu.
Added function to add and delete node names.
Check node name character input range.
Check numeric input range for primitive colors in the material properties.
Corrected a problem so that the NIFF Editor window is redrawn at the time of Convert and Preview.
Deleted the Preview File specification from the Preview Options, as data transfers to IS-VIEWER64 for preview have been made separate process.
Added functions to save and restore window positions and tool options.
Implemented convkit version 1.0.3b
1.01 1997/10/9 Added an [Options] command to the [Tool] Menu, enabling file settings for Convert and Preview.
Added functions to check version and tags when a NIFF file is read.
Added a function to create a new NIFF file. However, there is no support for Drag & Drop from other NIFF files, so the user cannot edit from the new file into a NIFF file being used.
Countered the problem of the screen image remaining after a file read failure, such as an attempt to open a nonexistent file.
Implemented convkit version 1.0.3
1.00A 1997/10/6 Changed the default directory for preview files to c:\nintendo\n64kit\niff\n64prev
Added niffconv.bat and niffprev.bat to c:\nintendo\n64kit\niff\n64prev
1.00 1997/10/6 Release version.