Pop-Up Menu


The following pop-up menu is displayed when the right mouse button is clicked inside the NIFF Editor window:

Pop-up menu

The following commands are available in the pop-up menu:

[Cut] Cut the node and copy it to the clipboard.
[Copy] Copy the node to the clipboard.
[Paste] Paste the node that has been copied to the clipboard.
[Delete] Delete the selected node. When this command is selected the node's links are deleted. If no other nodes are linked to the node, the node is also deleted. The (deleted) node's child nodes are then deleted, providing no nodes other than the parent node are linked to them.
[Change node name] Change the name of the node in the window.
To change the node name, edit the node name that is displayed in the Node name for.. text box. To set a new node name for a node that is not linked, delete "Unknown" and input the desired name. Conversely, to delete a node name, delete the name that is displayed in the Node name.. for text box.
The ASCII characters "!" (0x21) through (0x7e) can be used for node names. Please note that node names cannot contain spaces or Japanese characters.
[Properties] Displays the dialog box to view node names and flag information.