Scene Node Properties


The following tabs are available in the Scene Node Properties dialog box:

Node name

The [Node name] tab sets the name of the Scene node.

Node name

If the node is linked, the node name is displayed in the [Node name for scene] text box. If it is not linked, then "Unknown" is displayed here. To change the node name, edit the name that is displayed. To set a new node name for a node that is not linked, delete "Unknown" and input the desired name.

Conversely, to delete the node name, delete the name that is displayed in the text box. Please note that ASCII characters from "!" (0x21) to "~" (0x7e) can be used for node names. In addition, node names cannot contain spaces, nor can they contain kanji, hiragana or katakana characters.

Video interface

Use the [Video interface] tab to set the scene's draw settings.

Under [Video mode], select one of the following items for the preview environment:

The Video interface tab can also be used to enable or disable gamma correction, dither filtering, and divoting. A check next to an item indicates that the function is enabled.