1. NIFF 2.0 Environment

In addition to the previous NIFF environment, the new release of NIFF 2.0 environment is designed for taking full advantage of the NVF library, its application tool "nvfview" previewer and the NIFF to NVF converter "niff2nvf."

Also, the NIFF API support library and its basic application libraries, called NIFF Tools, enable users to customize NIFF 2.0.

Off course, previous NIFF 1.0 files can be used by the tools described above. In actual game development, these tools would be essential.

Updated "niff2gfx" and "n64prev" are included for the user who already uses niff2gfx + nd.

The following list describes the contents of this release.

Nintendo Tool List
NIFFeditor This tool is used to edit the hierarchical structure of NIFF and flag data. Conversion and editing of data with IS-Viewer 64 is possible by using niff2gfx, n64prev, niff2nvf and nvfview. SGI and Win95/NT versions of NIFFeditor are available.
niff2gfx This tool converts NIFF to N64. It outputs the structure data of a scene, object, and animation that are used by the drawing object manager, "nd." It also outputs the display list which is in accordance with N64GBI. SGI and Win95/NT versions are available.
NVF NVF Is a data format which displays the features of NIFF on the Nintendo N64. The format can be used directly by N64.
niff2nvf This tool converts NIFF to NVF. It converts NIFF 2.0 data to the NVF node.
(Also compatible with NIFF 1.0.)
nvfview An N64 pre-viewer that utilizes NVF. It consists of libraries which display NVF.
NIFFAPI Supports libraries which enable users to customize a NIFF file. The basic API (like NIFF File Open) is available.
NIFF Tools These tools enable users to edit NIFF files. The basic tools (such as the binary to text converter) are available.
n64prev This is a directory which contains the source code for "nd" (which also supports NIFF 1.0), and the pre-viewer software. Please refer to "n64prev" as the "pre-viewer"). After reading "niff2gfx" converted data, a ROM file can be created by "make." The ROM file enables it to be "pre-viewed" using on the Nintendo 64.
NIFF 2.0 expanded data is not supported.
MultiTextureViewer This tool is not related directly to NIFF. This is a tool for confirming the texture data in BMP and RGB format using an the Nintendo 64. "N64CITextureEditor" format can be pre-viewed. Also, it enables the user to output the format of N64 to a text format.
CITextureEditor This editor creates the CI (color index) texture. The tool consists of the pre-view function, the palette editor, etc. These functions are necessary to create CI texture.

2. The expanded features of NIFF 2.0

The following describes the expanded features of NIFF 2.0.

The new addition of the NVF format functions with the new features above, and is supported by the display libraries. "nvfview" is structured by these libraries.

All NIFF tools are compatible with NIFF 2.0.