Chapter 3 Binary Format
3-10. StList

2. StGroup Area

StGroupHeader u32 st_group_tag
u32 this\st_group_index
u32 st_group_header_size
u32 st_group_size
u32 st_num
St(st_num - 1)

Figure: StGroup Area Memory Map

u32 st_group_tag A tag which Indicates StGroup, enter the following.
TAG_ST_GROUP	0x00070100
u32 this_st_group_index Index number in this StGroup area.
u32 st_group_header_size Number of bytes in StGroupHeader area.
u32 st_group_size Number of bytes in StGroup area.
u32 st_num Total number of St area in this StGroup.
St Texture coordinates per 1 vertex.