Chapter 3 Binary Format

3-17. CollList

3. Coll Area

The Coll area stores Collision data that is linked to the object. The Coll area is mapped as follows.

CollHeader u32 coll_tag
u32 this_coll_index
u32 coll_header_size
u32 coll_size
u32 coll_name_index
u32 coll_type

Figure: Coll Area Memory Map

u32 coll_tag Tag indicating Coll
TAG_COLL	0x000d0100
u32 this_coll_index Index number of this Coll
u32 coll_header_size Size of this CollHeader
u32 coll_size Size of this Coll
u32 coll_name_index Specifies Coll name by index number
u32 coll_type Specifies the collision type. The following are current defined collision types.
COLL_TYPE_NONE		0x00000000
COLL_TYPE_POINT		0x00000020
COLL_TYPE_BOX		0x00000024

COLL_TYPE_NONE: Used when there is no collision data. This setting is sometimes (temporarily) used when there is collision data. Do not link Coll nodes that do not contain collision data to Obj.
COLL_TYPE_TERRAIN: Specifies the collision data as terrain data.
COLL_TYPE_POINT: Specifies Point collision
COLL_TYPE_CIRCLE: Specifies Circle collision
COLL_TYPE_SPHERE: Specifies Sphere collision
COLL_TYPE_CYLINDER: Specifies Cylinder collision
COLL_TYPE_BOX: Specifies Box collision
The contents of CollData can be modified by setting this flag.

CollData Stores the actual collision data