Chapter 3 Binary Format
3-6 Shape List

2. Shape Area

The Shape area describes data regarding a shape. Mapping for this area is as follows.

u32 shape_tag
u32 this_shape_index
u32 shape_size
u32 shape_name_index
u32 shape_type
u32 shape_tri_link
u32 shape_mat_link
u32 shape_part_num
u32 nintendo_extension_block_size
u32 user_extension_block_size
u32 shape_part_link(0)
u32 shape_part_link(shape_part_num - 1)

Figure: Shape Area Memory Map

u32 shape_tag Tag indicating Shape. Set the following flag.
TAG_SHAPE	0x00030100
u32 this_shape_index Index number of this Shape
u32 shape_size Size of this Shape
u32 shape_name_index Index number of shape name in NameList
u32 shape_type Type of Shape. Currently, the following flags are defined.
SHAPE_TYPE_AA		0x00000001
SHAPE_TYPE_RA		0x00000002
SHAPE_TYPE_ZB		0x00000004

SHAPE_TYPE_CLEAR clears Shape type.

SHAPE_TYPE_AA performs anti-alias process.

SHAPE_TYPE_RA performs reduced alias process.

SHAPE_TYPE_ZB performs z-buffer process.

SHAPE_TYPE_CULL_BACK performs back-face culling.

SHAPE_TYPE_CULL_FRONT performs front-face culling.

SHAPE_TYPE_CULL_BOTH performs culling.

SHAPE_TYPE_AA and SHAPE_TYPE_RA cannot be specified both at the same time. Also, when specifying SHAPE_TYPE_CULL_*, only one of the above (BACK, FRONT and BOTH) can be specified.

When shape data is put through the anti-alias, z buffer and back-face culling processes, set flag as below.

u32 shape_tri_link Index number of TriGroup in TriList
u32 shape_mat_link Index number of MatList

If Mat is not linked, set the following flag.

SHAPE_MAT_LINK	0xffffffff
u32 shape_part_num Number of Parts contained in Shape

Set the following flag if the Part node is not linked.

SHAPE_NOPART	0x00000000
u32 nintendo_extension_block_size Nintendo extension block size
u32 user_extension_block_size User extension block size
u32 shape_part_link Index number of PartList

If shape_part_num = SHAPE_NOPART, this field is ignored.

NintendoExtensionBlock Nintendo extension block
UserExtensionBlock User extension block