Chapter 3 Binary Format
3-8. ColorList

3. VtxColorGroup Area

VtxColorGroupHeader u32 vtx_color_group_tag
u32 this_vtx_color_group_index
u32 vtx_color_group_header_size
u32 vtx_color_group_size
u32 vtx_colro_num
VtxColor(vtx_color_num - 1)

Figure: VtxColorGroup Area Memory Map

u32 vtx_color_group_tag Tag indicating VtxColorGroup. Set the following Tag.
u32 this_vtx_color_group_index Index number of this VtxColorGroup in ColorList.
u32 vtx_color_group_header_size Size of this VtxColorGroupHeader.
u32 vtx_color_group_size Size of this VtxColorGroup.
u32 vtx_color_num Total number of this VtxColor in VtxColorGroup.
VtxColor Area for storing color data (one vertex)