5. CamNode

(1) CamNode

The following data will be added into CamNode.

u32 cam_tag
u32 this_cam_index
u32 cam_size
u32 cam_name_index
u32 cam_type
float cam_near_clip
float cam_far_clip
float cam_right_clip
float cam_left_clip
float cam_top_clip
float cam_bottom_clip
float cam_fovy
float cam_aspect
float cam_scale
u32 cam_lookat_obj
u32 cam_eye_obj
u32 cam_up_obj
u32 nintendo_extension_block_size
u32 user_extension_block_size
NintendoExtensionBlock u32 external_lookat_obj_file_name_index
u32 external_lookat_obj_name_index
u32 external_eye_obj_file_name_index
u32 external_eye_obj_name_index
u32 external_up_obj_file_name_index
u32 external_up_obj_name_index
--- other extention data ---

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