3. File Header

(1) File Header

The data described below are fields added in NIFF2.0 to the NintendoExtensionBlock of the FileHeader. The size of each List added to the NIFF file is described in bytes. The Lists are added to the NIFF file in the order in which the fields are added to the FileHeader.

u32 version Describes the NIFF file version.

31          24 23          16 15          8 7          0
[ maker code  |  tool code   |    0x02     |    0x00   ]

Be sure to describe data in NintendoExtensionBlock that is added for NIFF2.0.

Even with a version for which tools are still being developed, first, be sure to output empty data structure using a dummy.

u32 ci_img_list_num_byte Describes the CiImgList byte size.
u32 color_palette_list_num_byte Describes the ColorPaletteList byte size.
u32 envelope_list_num_byte Describes the EnvelopeList byte size.
u32 cluster_list_num_byte Describe the number of byte of ClusterList.
u32 weight_list_num_byte Describes the WeightList byte size.
u32 chain_root_list_num_byte Describes the ChainRootList byte size.
u32 joint_list_num_byte Describes the JointList byte size.
u32 effector_list_num_byte Describes the EffectorList byte size.
u32 external_name_list_num_byte Describes the ExternalNameList byte size.

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