What is NIFFAPI?

NIFFAPI is a group of header files and a library providing a program interface to NIFF files.

It is located under n64kit/niff/niffapi. Functions have been prepared to read/write files and convert them to text.

The data structure which corresponds to NIFF binary files is called NIS. This is differentiated from NIS2, which corresponds to the data added in NIFF 2.0. As a convention, functions which handle NIS are named starting with ni*. The library is named libnis.a

About API files

The following header files have been supplied:

niffapi.h NIFFAPI function declarations
nis.h NIS structure definitions
nis2.h NIS2 structure difinitions
nifftags.h  Constants, etc. corresponding to NIFF1.0
niff2tags.h Constants, etc. added to NIFF2.0
niffn64.h Important items extracted from N64 header files

If you include niffapi.h from inside the program, then all the header files will be included.

sample.c Simple sample program
Makefile makefile for sample.c
yellow-cube.niff Data for execution of the sample