Reads a NIFF binary file


#include  "niffapi.h"

int niOpenNb(char *filename, Nis *nis);


filename   The name of the NIFF binary file to read
nis   Pointer to the Nis structure where the data to be read is held. nis must have been already initialized with the niNewNis()function.

Return value

TRUE(=1) if the file is read without error.

FALSE(=0) if an error occurs.


Reads a NIFF binary file and stores it in the Nis structure. A NIFF binary file is a file which stores data defined in the NIFF specifications.

This function performs the processes which are appropriate for the given NIFF version.

See Also

For the Nis structure, see n64kit/niff/niffapi/nis.h,nis2.h.