Converts NIFF text to binary


niff1to2 input-file output-file


Reads the NIFF1.0 file input-file and outputs it to the NIFF2.0 file output-file. NIFF1.0 files can be converted to NIFF2.0 files.

The expanded data and the newly established List of NIFF2.0 are supplemented. Unnecessary elements among the data are left blank, while important elements are made the appropriate default values. The supplemented List comprises just the header part and contains no node data.

NIFF2 tools like niff2nvf can handle NIFF1.0 data as well as NIFF2.0 data, so this conversion process is not necessary. However, if you do not have a tool that can output NIFF2.0, you can use this command when you create test data by hand from NIFF1.0 data.


If there are errors in the data list, sometimes the conversion cannot be performed.

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