About Developers Kit Version 5.0


1. Contents

The contents of this release are as follows:

2. Directory Structure

The directory structure of this release is as follows:


$NIFFDIR/bin/            :  NIFFeditor-related files
         niffapi/        :  NIFFAPI-related files
         nifftools/      :  NIFF general tools
         nvfview/        :  niff2nvf converter + nvfview previewer
         mtv/            :  MultiTextureViewer-related
         n64prev/        :  niff2gfx converter + n64prev previewer
         doc/            :  Documents
         sample/         :  Samples
         user_data/      :  User data

By default, N64KITDIR is installed in the following directories:

N64KITDIR = /usr/local/n64kit

N64KITDIR = c:\nintendo\n64kit

Since NIFF Editor and the converters are dependent on the relative directory structure under NIFF, please do not change the directory structure. However, another directory can be specified for the data-use directory. In addition, as long as the directory structure under NIFF remains the same, it is possible to copy everything under $N64KITDIR to another directory and use it from there.

NIFF editor and the converters write files into the nvfview and n64prev directories. If these directories are write protected, please change them to the write-enabled state. Please note that whenever preview is executed from the editor, the same file name is always used. Thus, if more than one person will be using NIFF editor on the same machine, copy everything under NIFF to another location so there will be separate versions of the nvfview and n64prev directories.

For question about NIFF, please contact NOA's Development Tools Support Group.

Phone: (425) 861-2724     FAX: (425) 558-7100.

Or visit the NOA Engineering Website: