History of Revisions to the Standard Function Library (libnustd.a)

Revision from V1.3 (Jan 13 2000)

- Added "F" to each value because float constants such as FVAL_* of mathdef.h were handled as double without any changes.

Revision from V1.2 (Jul 13 1999)

- Added #pragma intrinsic to sqrt,fabs,fabsf of math.h. When IRIX6.2 or newer versions are used, these functions will be in-line expanded.

Revision from V1.1 (May 11 1999)

- malloc() function familiy provides a new set of functions that support multi-threading. 'mt_' is added to the front of the original functions. However, multi-thread support has not been applied to InitHeap() because it wouldn't make a significant improvement.

- The source code for the malloc() function family is separately provided for each function. (mt_)mallocmemdsp() is also included in the library release version (libnustd.a) because it won't be linked unless the user uses it.

- malloc() and free() are changed to _malloc() and _free() where those functions are called within realloc(), calloc(), and memalign().

- malloc_st_ptr has been removed because it does not need to be an external variable. This variable is defined as an auto variable within realloc(), which is the only function that refers to this variable.

- Fixed a problem where the address of the next block was miscalculated when trying to change the block size without changing the current pointer in realloc().

- In modff() and powf(), some values were cast with double where float should have been used. These have been fixed. Now float is used to cast values where it is appropriate.

- mt_qsort() has been provided to support multi-thread for qsort().

- Fixed a problem in acosf() where atan2(x, z) was used instead of atan2f(x, z).

- The functions that are also included in N64OS have been renamed. The resulting names start with '_n'.

Error correction of README.TXT (Jul 11 1998)

- Library to be specified when creating ROM version was wrong.
(wrong) -lultra (right) -lultra_rom
(wrong) -lgultra (right) -lgultra_rom

Revisions from V1.0 (Dec 20 1997)

- Added stblib.h, in essence moving the functions defined with this header.

- Fixed the sequential search using bsearch.

- Fixed the problems with the div, ldiv, fmod, and fmodf functions.

- Added the isspace macro.

- Permitted -1 in the isx argument.

- Changed the atof, atoi, atol, strtod, strtol, and strtoul functions for isspace to use and read out header white space.

- Fixed problem with qsort function.

- Made some improvements to rand function.