Global Variable



u32 nuAuDebStatus


Status flag

When there is a problem during audio playback, the corresponding bit is set to 1. The significance of each bit is as follows.

NU_AU_DEBUG_NODMABUF Not enough DMA buffers. The value of nuAnDmaBufNum must be increased.
NU_AU_DEBUG_ACMDBUFOVER The audio command list size is greater than the buffer size. The value set in nuAuAcmdLen must be increased.
NU_AU_DEBUG_DMABUFSIZE The DMA buffer size is too small for the playback frequency. Set nuAuDmaBufSize to a suitable size.
NU_AU_DEBUG_DMANOTCOMPLETE PI-DMA transfer of the necessary waveform data was not completed by the time the audio task started. Adjust the DMA buffer size and/or the number of buffers.