Global Variable



s16 nuAuDmaBufSize
s16 nuAuDmaBufNum


Size and number of audio PI-DMA buffers

The number of DMA buffers specified by nuAuDmaBufNum of the size specified by nuAuDmaBufSize are reserved from the audio heap by the nuAuDmaNew function.

These DMA buffers are used when transferring waveform data requested from the synthesizer driver. These are also used as waveform data caches which hold data for several frames (the default is one frame).

As a default, nuAuDmaBufSize and nuAdDmaBufNum are defined as NU_AU_DMA_BUFFER_SIZE and NU_AU_DMA_BUFFER_NUM, which are 1024 bytes and 64, respectively.

When audio cannot be played back well with these values, set these variables to suitable values.

If you want to change the value of this variable, change it before calling nuAuInit, nuAuInitEx, nuAuMgrInit, and nuAuMgrInitEx functions.