s32 nuContPakFileDelete


s32 nuContPakFileDelete(NUContPakFile *file, u8* noteName, u8* extName)


*file       Controller Pak structure
*noteName   game note name (N64 font code 16 bytes)
*extName    note extension (N64 font code 1 bytes)

Return Value



Deletes the Controller Pak game note

Deletes the game note that is in the Controller Pak. For "file," the device must be opened by the nuContPakOpen function.

Before this function can be called, the company code and game code must be registered with the nuContPakCodeSet function.

"noteName" is 16 bytes of N64 font code giving the name of the game note. If the note name is not a full 16 bytes, assign 0x00 to the unused area.

"extName" specifies an extension for use of multiple notes. The size is 4 bytes, but only 1 byte is usable, and it is normally 0x00. Additional notes get assigned 0x1A~0x33 (N64 font code 'A'~'Z').

The value returned from the osPfsDeleteFile function is stored in file.error.


PFS_ERR_NOPACK Nothing is inserted in the specified Controller.
PFS_ERR_NEW_PACK The Controller Pak may have been changed. Please perform the Open process again.
PFS_ERR_INCONSISTENT There is an inconsistency in the file system management area.
PFS_ERR_CONTRFAIL Data transfer with Controller has failed.
PFS_ERR_INVALID Invalid parameter or the game note does not exist.

See Also

nuContPakOpen and nuContPakFileDeleteJis