s32 nuContPakFileReadWrite(NUContPakFile *file, s32 offset, s32 size, u8* buf, u32 mode)


*file      Controller Pak structure
offset read/write offset position
size read/write size
*buf buffer where read data is to be stored or the buffer where data to be written is stored
mode specifies whether to read or write NU_CONT_PAK_READ Read data NU_CONT_PAK_WRITE Write data

Return Value



Read/write Controller Pak game note's game data

Reads game data from Controller Pak's game note or writes game data to the Controller Pak's game note. "file" specifies the Controller Pak structure in the game note opened by the nuContPakFileOpen function in the device opened by the nuContPakOpen function. "size" bytes of data are read or written starting from the "offset" position.

When NU_CONT_PAK_READ is specified for the mode, data is read into the area specified with "buf." When NU_CONT_PAK_WRITE is specified for the mode, the data specified with "buf" is written to the Controller Pak. Both "offset" and "size" must be multiples of 32 and they must be smaller than the file size.

The value returned from the osPfsFileReadWrite function is stored in file.error.


PFS_ERR_NOPACK Nothing is inserted in the specified Controller.
PFS_ERR_NEW_PACK The Controller Pak may have been changed. Please perform the Open process again.
PFS_ERR_INCONSISTENT There is an inconsistency in the file system management area.
PFS_ERR_CONTRFAIL Data transfer with Controller has failed.
PFS_ERR_INVALID Invalid parameter or the game note does not exist.
PFS_ERR_BAD_DATA An attempt was made to read from a game note containing no data.

See Also

nuContPakOpen, nuContPakFileOpen, nuContPakFileOpenJis, nuContPakFileRead, nuContPakFileWrite, nuContPakFileFread, and nuContPakFileFwrite