void nuContPakOpen(NUContPakFile *file, u32 cont_no)
file         Controller Pak file structure
cont_no      Controller number to open
Return Value

Opens a Controller Pak device

Checks to see whether a Controller Pak or a Rumble Pak is inserted. If a Controller Pak is inserted, a file is initialized so it can be accessed by the Controller Pak.

When a Controller Pak is inserted, NU_CONT_PAK_TYPE_PAK is set in file.type. If nothing is inserted, NU_CONT_PAK_TYPE_NONE is set. This function can be used to determine which Controller(s) contain Controller Pak(s).

The value returned from the osPfsInitPak function is set in file.error. For details about the returned values, please see the explanation for each function.

See Also

nuContPakFileOpen and nuContPakFileOpenJis

Revision History

2/1/99 Deleted text regarding Rumble Pak
5/25/99 Deleted text regarding osMotorInit function
5/25/99 Deleted "Example", as it was not appropriate