void nuContRmbModeSet(u32 contNo, u8 mode)
contNo      Controller number
mode Rumble Pak operation mode NU_CONT_RMB_MODE_DISABLE Disabled NU_CONT_RMB_MODE_ENABLE Enabled NU_CONT_RMB_MODE_AUTORUN Auto-detect
Return Value

Sets the operation mode of the Rumble Pak

When NU_CONT_RMB_MODE_DISABLE is specified for the mode, the Rumble Pak is disabled. In this case, the motor cannot be controlled even if movement is started with the nuContRmbStart function. By default, the Rumble Pak of every Controller is disabled.

When the mode is set to NU_CONT_RMB_MODE_ENABLE, the Rumble Pak can be used after the nuContRmbCheck function has identified the Rumble Pak. If the Rumble Pak is not identified, it cannot be used.

When the mode is set to NU_CONT_RMB_MODE_AUTO, periodic checks are made to see whether a Rumble Pak is inserted and, if it is, it is enabled. The period between checks can be set with the nuContRmbSearchTimeSet function.

See Also

nuContRmbStart, nuContRmbCheck, and nuContRmbSearchTime