void nuContRmbStart(u32 contNo, u16 freq, u16 frame)
contNo      Controller number
freq frequency (1-256) 1 -> 1 pulse per 256 frames. 256 -> continuous movement.
frame duration of vibration (number of frames)
Return Value

Starts vibration of the Rumble Pak

"freq" specifies the duration that the motor is ON. If freq = 1, the motor is ON one time every 256 frames. If freq = 128, the motor is ON once every 2 frames. If freq = 256, the motor is ON continuously. The larger the value of freq, the bigger the vibration.

"frame" specifies in units of frames the amount of the time that the Rumble Pak will be on.

Before this function can be called the nuContRmbCheck function must check whether a Rumble Pak is inserted.

If the nuContRmbForceStop function has been activated, the Rumble Pak will not vibrate even if this function is called.

See Also

nuContRmbCheck and nuContRmbForceStop