u8 nuSiCallBackAdd(NUCallBackList* list)
list      Pointer to NUCallBackList structure
Return Value


Registers the device manager

Registers the device manager specified by list in the SI manager. The actual state of a device manager is a function pointer array to callback functions. Because of this, this function registers the NUCallBackList structure that contains the function pointer array specified by list in the SI manager.

Each device manager is given a unique number. This value is compared with the message sent to the SI manager and the required function is called.

The NUCallBackList structure is a link list. Use the nuSiCallBackRemove function to remove a function which has been registered.

This function is used when creating a device manager that is unique to an application.

See Also

nuSiMgrInit and nuSiCallBackRemove

Revision History

2/1/99 Changed "format" and changed description text.