s32 nuVrsGetReadData(NUVrsHandle *handle, NUVrsData *data)


handle      NUVrsHandle structure
data        recognition results

Return Value



Gets recognition results

This gets the recognition results. The recognition results are stored in data in the NUVrsData structure. The NUVrsData structure is defined as follows. The NUVrsData structure is the same as the OSVoiceData structure.

typedef struct {
    u16 warning;        /* warning  */
    u16 answer_num;     /* number of candidates (0~5) */
    u16 voice_level;    /* voice input level */
    u16 voice_sn;       /* relative voice level */
    u16 voice_time;     /* voice input time*/
    u16 answer[5];      /* candidate word No.  */
    u16 distance[5];    /* distance value */
} NUVrsData;

"handle" must be initialized with the nuVrsOpen function. The return value is the return value of the osVoiceGetReadData function. This function calls the osVoiceGetReadData function via the SI manager.


CONT_ERR_NO_CONTROLLER Nothing is connected to the Controller port.
CONT_ERR_DEVICE Something other than the Voice Recognition System is connected to the Controller port.
CONT_ERR_NOT_READY Voice has not been input or result cannot be acquired because processing is still underway. Wait a moment and call this function again. This error occurred because the status after the osVoiceStartReadData() function was executed, was either VOICE_STATUS_START, VOICE_STATUS_CANCEL, or VOICE_STATUS_BUSY.
CONT_ERR_VOICE_NO_RESPONSE No response from Voice Recognition System. There may be a problem with the hardware.
CONT_ERR_CONTRFAIL Data transfer failure. There is a problem in the Voice Recognition System connection.
CONT_ERR_INVALID There is an error in the way this function was called or in the argument. This error will not occur if the correct calling method is used. Please correct the problem so that this error does not occur when development is completed.

See Also

nuVrsOpen and osVoiceGetReadData