void nuDebConDisp(u32 flag)
void nuDebConDispEX2(u32 flag)


flag      determines whether or not to swap frame buffer when the task is completed 
NU_SC_SWAPBUFFER     Swap frame buffer 
NU_SC_NOSWAPBUFFER   Do not swap frame buffer

Return Value



Displays the console window

Displays the console output on the screen. All ASCII characters can be output.

This function internally creates a display list and starts the graphics task.

flag is the frame buffer swap flag passed to the argument of the nuGfxTaskStart function.

NuSystem can display up to four console windows. The settings that can be made for the console window include the window display position, window size, show/hide the window, and scroll on/off. The character attributes that can be set are the color and blink on/off.

All 4 console windows are supposed to be displayed in the initial state. However, CPU power is required to some extent, to display console windows. Therefore, we recommend that you use the nuDebConWindowShow function to set windows that are not used to a non-display condition.

The functions for these various settings are shown below.

Function Name Function
nuDebConWindowSet Set window position and size
nuDebConWindowPos Set window position
nuDebConWindowSize Set window size
nuDebConWindowShow Show/hide window
nuDebConScroll Scroll on/off
nuDebConTextColor Change text color
nuDebConTextAttr Set text attributes
nuDebConTextPos Text display position
nuDebConClear Clear the console window

These functions can also be used with the release-use library.

Please note that when the nuGfxInit function is not used, then the 0th microcode in the microcode structure array defined by the nuGfxSetUcode function is used. High resolution has been supported since version 1.1.

Beginning with Version 2.06, F3DEX_GBI_2 is defined by nusys.h. Therefore, nuDebConDispEX2 is usually used. If F3DEX microcode is used, define F3DEX_GBI before nusys.h.

See Also

nuGfxInit, nuGfxTaskStart, nuGfxSetUcode, nuDebConWindowSet, nuDebConWindowPos, nuDebConWindowSize, nuDebConWindowShow, nuDebConScroll, nuDebConTextColor, nuDebConTextAttr, and nuDebConClear

Revision History

6/15/99 Added text regarding a change of display setting for the console window's initial state
8/4/99 Deleted description of Ver1.2 and added description of Ver2.06